Biography of CMC Alumni

It was year 2001 and Batch of CMC 27th had arranged a small Reunion of their batch in Jackson heights in New York.

But attendance were few of the few who are in United States and the idea of forming a big gathering hit our mind. Forming a Alumni organization of all Batches residing in North America was born.

With the encouragement of Dr Kamal, Dr Yusuf, Dr Rosi,Dr Maksud, Dr Ataul , Dr Atiq, Dr Nazmul Khan ,Dr Ferdous and many others the CMC Alumni transformed in Physical form. The organization got registered as Educational and non for profit in Augustof 2001.There were numerous meetings at each other’s home and Restaurants and iftar party the lost Alumni bondage got intense day by day.

With Few email collected initially a email group was formed which helped to interact each other and spread it all over country and internationally. Dr Quadery our well respected teacher helped in gathering members under this umbrella. There are many un named Alumni who helped this organization to grow to present stage.

It has arranged 5 Reunion so far, it could do more but has contributed directly and indirectly to our CMC campus, CMC hospital, CMC Library, CMC Kidney Dialysis, Webinar Meeting with CMC Faculty and many getting Residency by all our volunteers over this period of years.

With spirit and bondage of our CMC Alumni we are looking forward to Reunite all Alumni from each corner of our world for better future of our School and Humanity in coming days.